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At PBB we are people who believe that banking is more than just transactions and fees. Banking is personal. What does that mean? It means that we recognize that our customers are unique individuals with aspirations that cannot be boxed in. Our customers are the rainmakers who live, thrive and succeed across different worlds and are more than their day jobs. To these rainmakers we bring 24/7 personalised banking that enables South Africans to craft success on their terms. We can do this because we have unique and interesting staff who are passionate about building relationships and giving advice and real support – not typical banking sales talk.

PBB: Risk Graduate Programme


There's only one thing we take more seriously than aiming to be a market leader in risk management and a proactive partner in creating a great customer experience, that is: finding people with the skill and staying power to help shape how we do it in the future.

PBB: Retail and Business Banking Graduate Programme


Banking is personal. Are you a recently qualified graduate looking to kick-start your career? We are as passionate about helping you achieve your next big move as we are about taking our customers to their next level!

PBB: Finance Graduate Programme


As we embark on the next stage of our journey, Standard Bank is in search of graduate candidates who are able to think outside the box, problem solve and create opportunities for business to grow and thrive in a demanding and evolving economy.

PBB: Vehicle and Asset Finance (VAF) Graduate Programme


This is a 12 months learning programme that will give you a view of the world of Vehicle and Asset financing. For most, vehicle and asset financing is just about cars, however it is so much more. Assets are the backbone of almost all businesses and we can finance anything than moves, is identifiable and which can help companies be productive.

PBB: Commercial Banking Graduate Programme


Join our dynamic Commercial Banking team and be part of creating and delivering value to our entrepreneurial clients by providing them with financial and non-financial solutions as partners for growth within and outside of South Africa.

PBB: Products Graduate Programme


The Personal and Business Banking Products team is a dedicated team of individuals who leads the conception of products, processes and services for customers from design all the way to their launch, based on customer needs.

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CA(SA) Training programme applications are now open.

Applications for all other graduate programmes will open on 1 April 2019.


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