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The programme

It's vital you take the time to understand which graduate programme is right for you, so make sure you read through this section and size up the full range of our opportunities. Entry requirements and course structure vary considerably, but there's one thing all of our programmes have in common: you'll be developing your skills, gaining experience and contributing to real-world results from the moment you join us.

Ready? It starts here.

Enabling Functions - Group Compliance graduate programme

Compliance is the adherence to regulatory requirements, industry standards and codes, ethical standards as well as principles of good governance. Compliance for us at Standard Bank is about ensuring we do the right business the right way as we all have a responsibility to protect the reputation of the Bank.

Standard Bank’s Group Compliance Graduate Program has evolved over the years to stay aligned to the changing regulatory and compliance landscape. Embarking on a career in compliance at Standard Bank is both an exciting and challenging one that will test successful candidates to the limits of hard work and commitment.

The program aims to equip graduates with the necessary Compliance knowledge / practical understanding and operational experience to enable them to function as part of a Compliance workforce.

Duration: 18 months

Degree: Minimum B.Com Law/ LLB combination.

Previous work experience: Maximum two years post qualification.


Citizenship: You must be a South African citizen to apply for this Johannesburg-based programme.


2016 Applications open from 1 March to 30 June 2015

* CA (SA) applications open until 30 July 2015


What you'll get

We're committed to quality and value in everything we offer our customers. And because you'll contribute to both from the moment you join us, it's only fair we recognise the quality you bring. And just how much we value it.

You'll see it in how we manage and reward your performance, as well as the extra benefits you could be entitled to – perhaps even shares in the bank. It all depends on the programme you choose, plus one huge factor: you.

How you'll grow

We strive to push our bank forward so we can effect real, positive change for the communities we work in today, and those we hope to work in tomorrow. But nothing's more important than helping our people push themselves forward and expand their potential.

Your core training is adapted to the programme you choose. But everything else is down to you. Right here is a world of development opportunities – anything from shadowing senior colleagues to sharing expertise at international conferences – and a continent of untapped potential. Your chances; your choices.

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