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The programme

It's vital you take the time to understand which graduate programme is right for you, so make sure you read through this section and size up the full range of our opportunities. Entry requirements and course structure vary considerably, but there's one thing all of our programmes have in common: you'll be developing your skills, gaining experience and contributing to real-world results from the moment you join us.

Ready? It starts here.

Personal and Business Banking (PBB) - Risk graduate programme

There's only one thing we take more seriously than reducing risk and ensuring our business makes the best decisions right now: finding people with the skill and staying power to help shape how we do it in the future. You'll start this 18 month programme by joining either Business Banking or Personal Banking, to ensure you're on the most appropriate development path for your career with us. Through a series of rotations including exposure to both front and back office you'll gain close-up and comprehensive experience of our work and impact, ensuring your specialism soon matures into expertise.

PBB: Personal Credit
Personal Banking Credit is that part of SBSA PBB Credit that specifically focuses on the credit strategy and decisioning for all personal banking products such as Home Loans, Vehicle Asset Finance and Unsecured Lending products such as Cheque Accounts with limits, Revolving Credit Plans and Credit Cards to name a few. Personal Credit is characterized by three main activities within the credit life cycle, with these being originations, account management and collections. Originations relate to the credit decision and can be done either through a scored process with the assistance of a scorecard and an intuitive process. Account management relates to the ongoing monitoring of each product portfolio’s accounts within the agreed credit terms whether that be the credit limits, risk appetite or term. Collections activities involve either the rehabilitation of customers who have defaulted and the final recovery of amounts outstanding balances to the Bank. Through a series of structured rotations you will get exposure to each of these highly analytical areas.

PBB: Business Credit
Business Credit supports Business Banking with the management of the Credit Risk function / decision-making of all business risk groups to adequately balance Risk and Reward. The relationship with Personal and Business Bank is one of a partnership with an alignment of objectives to ensure a customer centric approach in decision making and service.

The following are various areas within Business Credit:
Portfolio, Strategy & Reporting, Small Enterprise Credit Centre, Commercial Segment, Business Segment,
Centralised Lending, Business Solutions & Recoveries and Private clients.

Duration: 18 months

Degree: Minimum Honours BCom or BSc. You must have studied accounting, finance, statistics or economics.

Previous work experience: Maximum one year post qualification.

Citizenship: South African.


2016 Applications open from 1 March to 30 June 2015

* CA (SA) applications open until 30 July 2015


What you'll get

We're committed to quality and value in everything we offer our customers. And because you'll contribute to both from the moment you join us, it's only fair we recognise the quality you bring. And just how much we value it.

You'll see it in how we manage and reward your performance, as well as the extra benefits you could be entitled to – perhaps even shares in the bank. It all depends on the programme you choose, plus one huge factor: you.

How you'll grow

We strive to push our bank forward so we can effect real, positive change for the communities we work in today, and those we hope to work in tomorrow. But nothing's more important than helping our people push themselves forward and expand their potential.

Your core training is adapted to the programme you choose. But everything else is down to you. Right here is a world of development opportunities – anything from shadowing senior colleagues to sharing expertise at international conferences – and a continent of untapped potential. Your chances; your choices.

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